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This year was the third time that I have formally participated in the 100 Day Project. Currently, my momentum is still going and I am on day 103/100 which is actually very satisfying. 

The 100 Day Project is an annual event where you commit to making or creating something every day for 100 days in a row. It begins in February and runs through April. You commit to whatever it is you want to do and create a unique hashtag and publish your progress to Instagram.

Here is a peak into my three 100 Day Projects, including the parameters I set for myself and what I learned.

100 Days of the Lord’s Prayer – 2018

The first year, I handlettered the Lord’s Prayer 100 different ways. I rotated among a watercolor journal, my iPad, and a tiny, simple notebook that I used at softball games.

Link to the hashtag.

There were several members of the Calligraphy Guild who were also doing it and it was a lot of fun in the evenings to see what everyone posted and to comment on their artwork.

The toughest part for me was around 60-75 days. I remember wanting to quit, but I kept going.

What I loved about this year was the camaraderie of doing it with a group of people and the constraint of writing the same thing 100 different ways.

100 Days of Doodle Inspiration – 2021

This time, I selected 100 words that inspired me and decided to handletter them in a 5×8 watercolor journal. I also included the definition and a quote using that word. Sometimes I would use this additional information in the design.

Link to the hashtag. Oops. It also includes my 2022 posts 🙁

It took two volumes and I made a grid at the back of each journal to identify what tools I used. Mainly, a LOT of Sakura black Glaze pens and watercolor. My other constraint was to complete a page in as close to 30 minutes as possible.

I had taken an online class and learned some watercolor doodle techniques and wanted to try them out. I also like to create quickly and wanted to see what could emerge when I focused on speed and didn’t have time to talk myself out of a design.

I tried to be fancy and had a black background and the number of the day and SuperDoodleGirl on each post. This was a PAIN because I had to flip between phone and computer and keep up with what day I was on.

Flipping through these two journals, I realized that I can create a LOT of different lettering styles even though I don’t like to practice the formal calligraphy hands. I like to learn them and play with them a bit and then turn it into other styles. I also like VIBRANT colors and BLACK lettering.

This year, I had a lot of interaction through the process because in the text I included all the information about the word (definition, quote, and commentary). The little backgrounds became cumbersome and I stopped when I got to 100 because my journals were filled up and I was tired of the process.

100 Days of Joyful Doodles – 2022

This year, I decided to create happy, flower-ish doodles on 3.5 square artist tiles. I found an album to hold them and their are 6 on each page. The pattern I decided was

  • Draw a flower or leaf.
  • Transform a part of it into a pattern.
  • Draw it with my left hand.
  • Transform a part of it into a pattern.
  • Draw it funky or bold.
  • Transform a part of it into a pattern.

I snapped a pic of each tile on this watercolor background that looks like jewel-toned tiles on one side and funky, green doodles on the other. Super simple. Looks nice, but not much fuss.

Link to the posts.

This year, I didn’t stress about making it look beautiful. My focus is to show up and create something everyday. Honestly, I don’t like over half of them. There is a little something about creating each one that has taught me something. The other thing that I love is that it is a quick process and the album I keep them in is easy to flip through and I am seeing my style develop and show up.

I am at 104 days now and plan to keep going. I like the format and might change up the content to lettering or something else, but the flow of this fits into the space of creating every day!

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