Guiding Principles for Creativity

I am an intuitive and playful creative human. Some people misunderstand my nature. They think I must be messy and disorganized, guided by my whims and happenstance. The reality is that I am highly organized and thoughtful in my creative process.  The foundation of everything I do is my morning guided meditation and my evening open … Read more

Which virtual event is for me?

Two Exciting Opportunities Launch This Week This week, there are two difference virtual events launching that I have been promoting and have gotten some questions about which is which and what the difference is. So let’s try to gain some clarity! One is Lettering for Holiday Projects and the other is the Creative Meditative Flow … Read more

Lettering for Holiday Projects

Lettering for Holiday Projects: All Access Pass Early Bird Registration Learn from Professional Lettering Artists and up your creativity game for all types of holiday events. Each artist will present their unique project and then participate in a LIVE Q and A session with participants.  The event is scheduled to start on October 25-27 at … Read more

Intro to Creative Meditation Flow

Do I need another Zoom class? Maybe. Maybe not.  What I know is that my nightly creative meditation has helped me through a difficult time and I want to share my process with you. There is a secret about all of the videos and such that you see on social media.  They are super sped … Read more

Grief Resources

Today is Ricky’s 8th “angelversary”. It doesn’t feel like the day he died. It doesn’t feel like the first anniversary or the second. It doesn’t feel like a regular day, either. My body will always mark this day and I will always be gentle with myself as I feel whatever bubbles up during this day … Read more

The Christmas Day Fire

Pictures of burned door and kitchen

You Never Dream It Will Happen to You  Sunday, December 25, 2022 2:51 PM “Roxanne, it’s your neighbor Ali. Please call me. Your house is on fire.” Text from Ali, my neighbor View this post on Instagram A post shared by Roxanne (@superdoodlegirl) I have always been afraid of a house fire. Now I have … Read more

Gratitude Journal Gift Ideas

SDG Gratitude Journals for Simple, Mindful Creativity

2015 and 2016 were very hard years for me. Bone-tired, grief-stricken, lost, and alone, I didn’t know which way to turn. The grief journey was harder than I could imagine.  In December 2016, I got a package in the mail that changed my life. It was from my friend, Tracy, who sent me a gratitude … Read more

Doodle Lettering: Ideas for Adapting Letters

Example of doodle alphabet.

What a great time teaching Doodle Lettering in person at Lucky Star Art Camp. Here are some examples of student work as they learned how to add embellishments to their letters. We examined the basic shapes of capital letters and learned how to create visual patterns to add a bit of sophistication to our Doodle … Read more

Travel Essentials

open journal with illustrations

Here are some gadgets and things that I use everyday and you might find helpful in your travels. I created a little Instagram walk through of some things that I take in my travel bag so you can see just how amazing this Travelon organizer bag is ♥ View this post on Instagram A post shared by … Read more