Coloring Book Gift Ideas

The words Calm Your Mind and pictures of two coloring book with markers and pens

A friend of mine recently called to ask about what to get for another friend who mentioned that she was interested in learning to color to decrease her stress level. I get a LOT of questions about ideas for gifts and how to put together a coloring book gift basket or creativity kit. Here is … Read more

5 Steps to Get Started with Rock Painting

My current obsession during the COVID-19 Pandemic is rock painting. It has served me well in so many aspects of health and wellness. Each week, my sister, a couple of friends, and I have gathered through video conference to have Paint Parties. It is so much fun to gather and create together. During this time, … Read more

Glitter Gel Pen Reviews

Focus on the Good coloring book page with a cup of pens

The Search for More Sparkle Pens I love the Pentel Sparkle Pop Gel Pensand tell everyone I meet about them. However, they only come in 8 colors and cost $15. I decided to begin buying different pens and testing them out. I bought three different sets and tested them on both white and black paper … Read more

Pentel Sparkle Pop Gel Pen Review

Super Doodle Girl Enjoy The Little Things

How I Discovered the Pentel Sparkle Pop Pens If you have ever attended a class that I have taught, you know that I love my “happy pens”. I have probably used over 10 sets of them in the past couple of years.  I first learned of them when I got started lettering someone mentioned how … Read more

Principle of Design: Contrast

As we focus on the principles of design using contrast, this is not the first time that I have begun a learning journey without all the requisite skills. I want to remember where I was when I began; therefore, I am going to share my learning and process through text and video and look forward … Read more

Principles of Design: How to Improve Lettering Layouts

This year, I am participating in a year-long study of The Principles of Design for Lettering Art taught by Cora Pearl, who is a full time calligrapher and teacher of lettering arts. The study consists of nine face-to-face meetings and supplemented with online posts throughout the year. In this class, we will study the principles … Read more

Year in Review 2019: Highlights and Celebrations

Teaching and in 2019 Grounded in Gratitude Workshop Chalk Lettering at Lucky Star Roxanne guides a Grounded in Gratitude session Staedtler Pigment Liners Martha is amazing! All of these colors were from mixing! Relaxing at Camp Waldemar Mandala on wood! SuperDoodleGirl @ Lucky Star Art Camp

Lettering Tool Tour 2.0

SuperDoodleGirl Recommendations For the second year in a row, I hosted a Lettering Tool Tour. I packed up many of my favorite markers, pens, papers, and storage so that fellow Lucky Star Campers could test them out.  In an hour . . . I demonstrated some of my favorites and then participants got to have … Read more

Chalkboard Lettering

Chalk and Markers Chalkboards Chalkboard Lettering Books and Tutorials Chalk and Markers Dritz Chalk Cartridge Set (This is the skinny chalk holder that I showed you.) Interesting information about using Chalk Ink markers to write on chalkboard film. 4 pack of fine tip VersaChalk markers (white) Chalkboards Lucky Clover Trading has a lot of cheap, cute … Read more