Mindful Mandalas Coloring Book

Color your stress away with this collection of 50 relaxing mandala patterns. The inspirational messages and whimsical designs will provide hours of enjoyment along with a fun, easy way to express your creativity.

Embrace Your Journey Coloring Book

Busy hands help still the mind. When life seems out of control and chaotic, using our hands helps us begin to settle into our true self and acknowledge our authentic journey through life.


Five minutes a day is all it takes. Combining her artistic talent and passion for yoga, Roxanne Glaser created this practical, 30-day journal to kick start your daily gratitude practice. Easy, quick wins help you take small steps on the way to big results. Includes inspirational coloring pages.

This 90-day journal provides a structured, 5 minutes a day process to build your gratitude practice. Daily centering thoughts help you through the stages of grief from denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and finally into growth. Each month has a different theme.