Battling the Blank Page

My Journal Process: How I approach a blank page. During the last Studio Chat, the topic of getting started in a new journal or facing the blank page came up. This is a common topic and I hear it from many students. Here is my process for creating a complete journal and playing with my … Read more

How I Made a Picture from 1,400 Words

Here is the “behind the artwork” process of how I transformed a nomination essay of 1,400 words into a 12′ x 24″ work of art in three weeks. 1-2-3 Go! My cousin and his wife received the 2021-2022 Parents of the Year award from Texas A&M University. This award is a big deal! His brother … Read more

How to Swatch and Blend Prismacolor Pencils

Today’s topic is colored pencils. Prismacolor Premiere to be exact. If you are new to coloring with pencils, this is a great place to start. These pencils are wax-based and easy to work with. You can get a vibrant pop of color and gorgeous gradients. Let’s explore the Prismacolor colored pencils! We will start with … Read more

How to Draw “Mindful” in Bell Bottom Lettering Style

Watercolor background with mindful written in script

Today’s inspiration is a piece from my 100 Days of Doodle Inspiration. I have been obsessed with trying to turn traditional modern calligraphy upside down and use thin downstroke with a thick upstroke. It hasn’t quite worked out, but this interesting “bell bottom” style has emerged.  Let’s explore breaking some calligraphy rules to create a … Read more

How to Hide Painted Rocks

Open Your Heart to new things painted rock

I love painting rocks and hiding them around town so people can find them. I think of them as little works of art that bring a spark of joy.  How to hide painted rocks can be tricky. While some people, do indeed love finding cool, painted rocks; not everyone loves them. Some people think of … Read more

5 Steps to Get Started with Rock Painting

My current obsession during the COVID-19 Pandemic is rock painting. It has served me well in so many aspects of health and wellness. Each week, my sister, a couple of friends, and I have gathered through video conference to have Paint Parties. It is so much fun to gather and create together. During this time, … Read more

How to Get Started with Dot Mandalas

This year at Lucky Star Art Camp, I am teaching a dot mandala painting class. I love mandalas. I have created lettering mandalas for gifts and relaxation, but have never tried creating dot mandalas. It looks like so much fun and pretty simple, too. I first attempted it using dowel rods, one nail dotting tool, … Read more