Guiding Principles for Creativity

I am an intuitive and playful creative human. Some people misunderstand my nature. They think I must be messy and disorganized, guided by my whims and happenstance. The reality is that I am highly organized and thoughtful in my creative process.  The foundation of everything I do is my morning guided meditation and my evening open … Read more

Creative Meditative Flow Series

Do I need another Zoom class? Maybe. Maybe not.  What I know is that my nightly creative meditation has helped me through a difficult time and I want to share my process with you. There is a secret about all of the videos and such that you see on social media.  They are super sped … Read more

The Christmas Day Fire

Pictures of burned door and kitchen

You Never Dream It Will Happen to You  Sunday, December 25, 2022 2:51 PM “Roxanne, it’s your neighbor Ali. Please call me. Your house is on fire.” Text from Ali, my neighbor View this post on Instagram A post shared by Roxanne (@superdoodlegirl) I have always been afraid of a house fire. Now I have … Read more

What I Learned from The 100 Day Project

300 Days of Creativity This year was the third time that I have formally participated in the 100 Day Project. Currently, my momentum is still going and I am on day 103/100 which is actually very satisfying. The 100 Day Project is an annual event where you commit to making or creating something every day … Read more

How to Use the Journal Jumpstart Process

This page contains affiliate links.  1. Pick a small watercolor journal. Thank you to Suzi for gifting me this delightful 4.5″ x 6″ watercolor journal. I started with getting color on every page. Quick, big swatches of color. 2. Use a set color palette. I use my Tombow Dual Brush Bright set for the watercolor … Read more

My First Mural Design

I am excited to share my creative process for designing a mural for the Dr Pepper museum! It is so fantastic to be in a community that supports artists and brings unique opportunities to our city. Creative Waco is partnering with the Dr Pepper museum for this year’s ARTPrenticeship mural. They asked local designers to … Read more

Principle of Design: Contrast

As we focus on the principles of design using contrast, this is not the first time that I have begun a learning journey without all the requisite skills. I want to remember where I was when I began; therefore, I am going to share my learning and process through text and video and look forward … Read more

Principles of Design: How to Improve Lettering Layouts

This year, I am participating in a year-long study of The Principles of Design for Lettering Art taught by Cora Pearl, who is a full time calligrapher and teacher of lettering arts. The study consists of nine face-to-face meetings and supplemented with online posts throughout the year. In this class, we will study the principles … Read more

Year in Review 2019: Highlights and Celebrations

Teaching and in 2019 Grounded in Gratitude Workshop Chalk Lettering at Lucky Star Roxanne guides a Grounded in Gratitude session Staedtler Pigment Liners Martha is amazing! All of these colors were from mixing! Relaxing at Camp Waldemar Mandala on wood! SuperDoodleGirl @ Lucky Star Art Camp

Lettering with a Parallel Pen

At the August Calligraphy Guild meeting, I had three new experiences. Martha Cole was our guest presenter who shared her fun and whimsical uncial-inspired lettering with us. I used a parallel pen for the first time! I created all kinds of colors by mixing only two colors of ink. The parallel pen was a completely new tool … Read more