Gratitude Journal Gift Ideas

SDG Gratitude Journals for Simple, Mindful Creativity

2015 and 2016 were very hard years for me. Bone-tired, grief-stricken, lost, and alone, I didn’t know which way to turn. The grief journey was harder than I could imagine.  In December 2016, I got a package in the mail that changed my life. It was from my friend, Tracy, who sent me a gratitude … Read more

Travel Essentials

open journal with illustrations

Here are some gadgets and things that I use everyday and you might find helpful in your travels. I created a little Instagram walk through of some things that I take in my travel bag so you can see just how amazing this Travelon organizer bag is ♥ View this post on Instagram A post shared by … Read more

The Doodle Basics Kit

Doodle Basics Kit Marker Supply

Available Now The Super Doodle Girl Doodle Basics Kit from Marker Supply Company will help simplify the marker selection so that you can easily get started working in your journal or calming your mind with some meditative doodles. This is the Super Doodle Girl “go to” markers and pens that I use in my daily … Read more

Coloring Book Gift Ideas

The words Calm Your Mind and pictures of two coloring book with markers and pens

A friend of mine recently called to ask about what to get for another friend who mentioned that she was interested in learning to color to decrease her stress level. I get a LOT of questions about ideas for gifts and how to put together a coloring book gift basket or creativity kit. Here is … Read more