The Doodle Basics Kit

The Super Doodle Girl Doodle Basics Kit from Marker Supply Company will help simplify the marker selection so that you can easily get started working in your journal or calming your mind with some meditative doodles.

This is the Super Doodle Girl “go to” markers and pens that I use in my daily creative practice and take with me on the road for my travel journals. 

And, y’all, they have the BEST prices on the Sakura Black Glaze pens that I am always using and talking about! (There are TWO in the kit because you will go through them pretty fast!)

The set includes 13 of  my favorites! It is a great way to sample different pens and then decide which will be YOUR favorites, too!

  • 2- Sakura Glaze pens, black
  • 1- Sakura IDenti-pen, black
  • 1 – Sakura Micron 05, black
  • 1 – Sakura Micron 01, black
  • 1 – Uni-Ball Signo Gel, UM 153, white
  • 1 – Tombow Fudenosuke, dual tip black and gray
  • 3 – Pentel Sparkle Pop pens, orange, green, and purple
  • 3 – Tombow Dual Brush Pens, red, blue, and yellow
The artwork in the picture on the left was created with only what is included in the kit. The Tombow markers blend beautifully with each other to create all of this joyful art!

Created with the Doodle Basics Kit from Marker Supply.

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