Explore 32 Days of Daily Creative Practice: A Journey Through Vibrant Colors and Simple Tools

Let's explore days 1-32 of 100 Days of Flow

Don’t you love to see what the finished product looks like? Me, too! Here is a peek into volume one of my 100 Days of Flow project.

My Daily Creative Process

My process involves using only four simple tools for each day of creative flow.Β This limitation helps me dive into the creative practice quickly and effortlessly. One of my favorite color combinations is the vibrant turquoise and orange, which is an interesting contrast to the purple and blue on the journal cover.

Creating the Covers with Simple Tools

To create the cover, I scanned the journal for the primary colors I used throughout the process. I then searched through old practice pages, cut them down to size to fit the small journal, and trimmed the right corners for a rounded format using an envelope maker tool. The blues and purples were particularly captivating, and good glue was essential to ensure the paper edges stayed securely in place.

Key Learnings about Creativity from Days 1-32:

  • Simple tools keep me focused on exploring how the liquid flows on the page.
  • The vibrant colors of the Ecoline watercolors are fantastic for this practice.
  • The small size of the journal makes the daily practice manageable and portable.
  • Having a small journal and few tools also makes this practice incredibly convenient and easy to take on the go.
  • While some people may question certain choices, it’s okay for others to enjoy the process and for opinions to differ.

The SDG 100 Day Playbook

The list of 100 inspirational words, definitions, sample quotes, and the artwork from my personal journal are included in the SDG 100 Day Playbook, available for purchase here.

Add to Your Supply of Simple Tools

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