Pens & Markers
Four pens in blue, green, yellow, and red


You will love how the ink flows from these pens onto your paper. I have filled MANY journals with multiples of these. My favorite by far is the Black Glaze pen!

Markers (Waterproof)

These are a must have for inking and then using any wet medium on top of the ink. They will not smear and are waterproof and archival when dry. All of the ones listed are black. Some come in gray tones and sepia.

Markers (NOT Waterproof)

These are delightful to color and doodle with but are not waterproof. That means you can move the ink by adding water and use them as watercolor on the go!

Mixed Media Pens & Bottles

These pens and bottles are great for writing on textures that will "eat" through marker tips. Great for multi-media projects.

Chalk Markers

Lots of choices out there, but I find you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones tend to run out quicker and not have as smooth a coverage.

Paint Pens

I am in love with paint pens because I use a lot of words in my artwork and I love being able to grab a marker and have acrylic paint begin to flow.

Watercolor Supplies

Watercolor Paints

These are some affordable paints to play with as you learn the joys of watching the pigment and the water play on the page.

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Paper & Journals

Bound Journals

The paper you use can make all the difference as you sit down for your daily creative practice. These are some of my favorites for doodles and watercolor!

Paper for Daily Practice

Yes! The paper makes a difference. Cheap paper can be very rough on markers. Thin paper will not hold up multiple layers of texture. Here are some of my favorites.

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