February Workshop at Pura Vida Paddle

Ocean Doodles for Creative Meditation

February 19: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
3332 Franklin Ave., Waco, TX

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Learn how to get into your creative flow! Tap into your flow state combining watercolor techniques and pattern drawing.

Create patterns with simple lines and combine them into cool ocean art. In this class, you will learn how to draw a variety of sea horses and bring them to life with vibrant color! No previous drawing or watercolor experience needed. You will be amazed at the awesome ocean art you create!

This class will include information on how to use doodles and repetition to create a sense of mindfulness to increase your focus and relaxation. This class is for you if you want a simple, creative activity that calms the mind and creates a sense of satisfaction of fully completing a project.

No previous instruction required. 

Light snacks and lots of laughter and community included! Class fee: $39

If you attended the Sea Turtle Ocean Doodle last month, this class is a great way to practice some of the skills that you learned in a new doodle drawing. 

Included in class fee:

  • Use of class supplies (different types of markers and watercolors)
  • Multimedia paper and samples
  • Handouts for reference and practice

What to bring to class:

Black waterproof thin markers or pens (such as Micron), Crayola or Tombow markers, and whatever you like to color with. 

NOTE: If you do not have supplies, there will be a pop-up shop onsite for your convenience.