Glitter Gel Pen Reviews

The Search for More Sparkle Pens

I love the Pentel Sparkle Pop Gel Pensand tell everyone I meet about them. However, they only come in 8 colors and cost $15. I decided to begin buying different pens and testing them out.

I bought three different sets and tested them on both white and black paper to see how they compare. 

  • Zebra Doodler’z
  • Flair Xtra Glitter Gel Pens
  • Dyvicl Sparkle Pop Pens 

This is Blackie, my helper for the project. He is never far from my side as I work on both my laptop and on lettering projects. He actually has a little cubby space that he enjoys sleeping in, but for this project, he was front and center.

Blackie the cat sitting next to a package of sparkle pop pens.

Zebra Doodler'z Gel Pens

The first set that caught my eye was the Doodler’z Gel  Pens from Zebra. I have fallen in love with several other pens from Zebra and decided to give these a shot. 

They were $8.99 for a 10 piece set. There was no mention of any type of dual glitter color, so I was not expecting that. 

The line is a 1.0 mm so they did work okay for coloring. The ink seemed to flow slower than I prefer and I was not able to color in spaces as smoothly with these. 

The colors were pretty and there are two more colors than my beloved Sparkle Pops. 🙂 The pens were okay on the white paper. It seems like the ink was where the color was and that they all had silver glitter in it to make it sparkle. When you write on the black paper, they all look silver-ish. 

The one thing that I did not like was that they have a triangular barrel. The product information says that it is ergonomic, but it was annoying to me. 

Flair Xtra Sparkle Gel Pens

Flair Xtra Sparkle Gel Pens

The next set I bought was the Flair Xtra Sparkle Gel Pens because I thought they were a version of a PaperMate Flair pen. I love PaperMate Flair pens and I was disappointed that these are merely tricksters in disguise. 

These are as low as $4.48 for 10 pens. They have a 79% Amazon 5 star rating, so my expectations were pretty high. 

The line is a 1.0 mm so they did work okay for coloring. The tip of the pens scratched the paper and I was not able to color in spaces as smoothly with these. 

The colors were nice. The ink was more metallic than glitter. I think the magenta is really pink and the dark and light orange are almost the same color. Check out the silver. All of the colors look great on white, except the silver. 

Overall, these were decent pens for the $4-6 range. I would buy these for young children to use or to drop into small goody bag. 


Dyvicl Sparkle Pop Pens

This pack had so much potential! These are the Dyvicl Sparkle Pop Pens. Yes, they even copied the name! The product details were almost identical to the Pentel Sparkle Pop pens. 

The set of 8 pens was $9.99 (currently unavailable on Amazon). What was great about this set was that it came with an extra set of refill cartridges, so it was like getting 16 pens for $10! I was very excited about this set. 

The line is another 1.0 mm pen. It did seem like the line was not quite as thick as the Sparkle Pop, but the ink was smooth. 

The colors are almost identical to the Sparkle Pop Pens. Honestly, I really thought I had found an alternative to the Sparkle Pop pens from Pentel. Until I started using them. 

The caps of these pens will not stay on. Not when you try to cap them and not when you try to put the cap on the opposite end when you are writing with them. 

It was very frustrating to put the caps on and then pick up the pens to put them in a bag or move them and all of the caps would fall off. 

This is a deal breaker for me. I am always taking my stuff with me and I don’t want to be hunting for pen caps.