How to Hide Painted Rocks

I love painting rocks and hiding them around town so people can find them. I think of them as little works of art that bring a spark of joy. 

How to hide painted rocks can be tricky.

While some people, do indeed love finding cool, painted rocks; not everyone loves them. Some people think of them as trash and litter. In state and national parks, it’s illegal to hide them and they are considered trash

I found an awesome, legal place for you to leave them and for you to enjoy the works of other artists. My sister and I enjoyed seeing all of the creativity and art on this trail. If you love painting and sharing kindness rocks, be sure to stop by if you are near Grapevine.

Introducing Parr Park Rock Art Trail.

Parr Park Rock Art Trail was started on March 28th, 2020. It was an idea born from the desire to create something to help families deal with the challenges posed by the Corona virus quarantine. More information on their Facebook page.

It took a while to find the trail head. It is clearly marked and includes the instructions not to “borrow” rocks and if you do borrow them, bring them back. This part of the trail is about a half mile and is lined with hundreds of painted rocks!

Here are some other ideas for hiding and sharing kindness rocks.

  • Ask local outdoor spaces before hiding. Check with zoos, schools, churches, and parks. 
  • Randomly drop them off at friend’s houses with a little sweet treat.
  • Find a group that helps people deal with loss or grief and take a collection to share with members.