January Workshop at Pura Vida Paddle

Ocean Doodles to Calm the Mind

January 22: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
3332 Franklin Ave., Waco, TX

Learn how to bring more creativity into your life! Tap into your flow state using simple line patterns to create mindful doodles. You will learn over 8 patterns and how to combine them into cool ocean art. Our final project will be a modern watercolor sea turtle! No previous drawing or watercolor experience needed. You will be amazed at the awesome ocean art you create!

This class will include information on how to use doodles and repetition to create a sense of mindfulness to increase your focus and relaxation. This class is for you if you want a simple, creative activity that calms the mind and creates a sense of satisfaction of fully completing a project.

Light snacks and lots of laughter and community included! Class fee: $39

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Included in class fee:

  • Use of different types of markers and watercolor paints.
  • Three different types of paper for creating ocean doodles on.
  • Handouts for reference and practice
  • A set of Micron pens

What to bring to class:
You do not have to bring any additional supplies to class. However, if you have pens and markers that you love to use, please bring them with you.