How to Use the Journal Jumpstart Process

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1. Pick a small watercolor journal.

Thank you to Suzi for gifting me this delightful 4.5″ x 6″ watercolor journal. I started with getting color on every page. Quick, big swatches of color.

2. Use a set color palette.

I use my Tombow Dual Brush Bright set for the watercolor because I like the energy of the colors. I added a bit of my old Liquitex watercolors, too. I love the turquoise, magenta, and the purple. 

It is easy to sink into the creativity when I don’t have to think about the colors. I love to put some liquid color in my little ceramic flower palette and then keep adding water to lighten the value. 

3. Add things you love.

This journal began before I knew exactly what I needed. Suzi gave it to me several months ago and a couple of weeks ago I began adding color on the pages. 

Once all of the pages had color on it, then I added black doodles and a couple of stamps. Slowly, I realized that I could use this journal to help process the big transitions that are going on this month. 

I use art journaling as a form of self-regulation and what you can see in these pics are my favorite styles of doodles (flowers, waves, and repeating patterns) to calm my mind and spirit. 

Then, I would flip through another journal and picked a couple of quotes to add. Of course, adding the Lord’s Prayer always works to calm me in a very deep way. 

Learn How to Create Your Own Art Journals

All of these skills are ones that you can learn in Journal Jumpstart. I created the course to help everyone who would comment “I wish I was creative like you, Roxanne!” There are 6 Modules that guide you through everything you need to be able to use watercolor and markers in a simple, creative way.

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