Mandala Dot Art Tools and Supplies

The mandala dot art class at Lucky Star Art Camp was a BIG hit! Here are some of the things that we learned and pics from class. 

A couple of comments about the paint. The Apple Barrel was the best in consistency so that we didn’t have to add much water to it to thin it. The Folk Art was the winner for fancy finishes. LOVED the Color Shift and the GLITTER paint

Pictures from Lucky Star Art Camp 2019

The tools make all the difference. You can get a full set (19 pieces for about $12.00 on Amazon).

Superdoodlegirl Mandala tools
The tool set makes all the difference

It is so much fun to paint on rocks! I don’t have good shaped rocks where I live, but you can also buy rocks on Amazon

Mandala Kindness Rocks
You can buy rocks on Amazon 🙂

The inner circle of dots is the key to a well-balanced mandala. If the inner circle is wonky, the wonkiness grows more with each outer circle. We used the pattern of one bigger dot in the center surrounded by 8 dots. Then, either line up the other dots or nestle them in between.

Superdoodlegirl teaching mandalas

Walking the dots was by far the most favorite of the techniques. This is created using any tool that has a sphere on the end. Dip it into your paint and then continue touching it to the surface and each dot is a little bit smaller. It is mesmerizing and such a great mindful activity!