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Doodle Lettering Class

doodle lettering in different styles
Class Description:

Come play with me! Learn techniques to transform your unique handwriting into a style that you can use for bullet journaling, birthday and greeting cards, art journaling, and more! Explore pens, markers, and paints as we create fanciful, doodle letters in your personal whimsical lettering journal. This class features a guided hand-lettering project that you will want to frame!

Materials List for Students:

Materials Fee: $10

How to Materials Fee: Cash or check on day of class or Venmo to Roxanne-Glaser

Important Note About Supplies: You can use whatever you like. You will probably have FOMO (fear of missing out) and look at what you neighbor has and wish you had that. 

I will bring some of my favorite pens and markers to share so you can try them out. Then, you will have a better idea of what you like. 

NOTE: Best price on Glaze Pens right now is at Marker Supply Company!

Doodle Basics Kit Marker Supply

Here is a list of the supplies I will be using. 

  • Pencil
  • Black Glaze Pen
  • Micron Pens
  • Sparkle Pop Pens
  • Tombow Dual Brush Markers
  • Tombow Dual Tip Fudenosuke Pen
  • Uni-Ball UM 153 White gel pen
 Marker Supply Company is putting all of these together in a kit format so you can sample some of my favorites. This is great if you are a newbie or need a refresh of supplies! 

Stamp Carving & Printing

  • Class Description:

Learn to draw simple motifs and carve your own unique stamps to use in scrapbooks, art journals, greeting cards and more. You will learn how to create a simple border, a focal design, and a repeating pattern.

This class is for you if you don’t know how to draw and really want to make cool looking art! Our first stamp will be created step-by-step to ensure you learn the tools and the transfer process. Then, we will move to a larger design and let our imaginations flow!

Materials List for Students:

Materials Fee: $15 for carving material and things to print on.

How to Materials Fee: Cash or check on day of class or Venmo to Roxanne-Glaser.


Q: Do I have to get the Speedball Linoleum Cutter?
A: No, there are other brands. Make sure it has similar tips to the Speedball #1 set if you are the type that likes to follow instructions exactly. 🙂
Q: Do I have to get the StazOn inkpad
A: No, any inkpad will do. The StazOn will work on a variety of surfaces and the black is super dark which I like. It will print GREAT on some of the Gelli printed papers that I made for class this year. 😊
Q: Is stamp carving dangerous? 
A: We will be using sharp tools and there is a chance that you might nick your fingers. I will have some cute band aids on hand and we should be fine. 😃
Q: Can I bring a brayer with ink to print with? 
A: Sure! I kept the supply list small so we can focus on learning this addictive skill in the simplest way possible. But if you have some extra stuff you want to bring, you are welcome to do so!

Q: What’s a brayer?
A: It’s a tool used to spread ink or paint onto a surface for printing. I will have a couple set up so you can try them out and decide if you love printing enough to buy your own.


Tool Tour 2022

gezellig and journal doodles
Class Description:
  • Are you stuck in the cycle of searching for the “perfect” pens, makers, paints, and paper instead of creating daily in your journals?
  • Or are you wasting a lot of money buying supplies and then not getting the results you expect?
  • Maybe you are curious about what Roxanne uses to create her joyful daily doodles or takes with her on the road for her travel journals.
Join Super Doodle Girl as she shares her curated selection of favorite pens, markers, papers, and journals to get you started and take your art journaling and doodling to the next level! Roxanne has a maximalist style with a minimalist toolkit for creating on the go.
Class Offered: “Extra” on Saturday afternoon
Class Fee: $10 Cash or check on day of class or Venmo to Roxanne-Glaser.


Q: Is this the same session as the “Marker Petting Zoo” from 2019?
A: No, this will be different. That session was focused on trying every single pen and marker from my studio. This session will focus on the tools I use for 90% of my art and journaling.
Q: Will we get an amazing handout and resources from this class? 
A: Of course! You know I love to create well-organized handouts so you can easily follow the instruction during class.
Q: Will we be able to test the pens and markers that you demonstrate? 
A: Yes! There will be time to explore on different papers and with the markers and pens.
Q: Do you have a link where I can buy your favorite markers and pens? 
A: One way is the Doodle Basics Kit from Marker Supply Company is a set of 13 of my favorite tools. It is the basis for supplies for all of my online classes, too. The second way is to pick items from my Super Doodle Girl’s Favorites curated list.