The Christmas Day Fire

You Never Dream It Will Happen to You

 Sunday, December 25, 2022
2:51 PM

I have always been afraid of a house fire. Now I have to face that fear head on.

On Christmas Day, we were playing a game of Ransom Notes, discussing our plans for how to roast the chicken and vegetables for dinner. My phone was on silent, face down on the coffee table. 

I happened to pick up my phone and glance at it before judging the second round of the game. Seeing 7 missed calls from an unknown number and the text notification saying, “Your house is on fire.” sent this weird wave of electric feeling through my body. 

There were so many emotions and reactions flooding my brain and body during the two-hour drive back. The waves of gratitude that Kelsey and I were not home at the time and that sweet little Blackie (my 22-year old cat) had passed away earlier this year created tears as much as the shock and fear of the unknown.

The following five days since have been a blur. All I know is that I feel overwhelmed with pain, shock, loss, gratitude, love, and kindness. 

The fire was mostly on the back patio and in the kitchen, and thanks to a passerby on Christmas Day, the fire itself was put out fairly quickly that afternoon. My neighbors also happened to be home and they were able to call me and let me know immediately what was happening. I am safe and well, taking everything a day at a time. I have a place to stay and a place to work in my art journals to help process the transition and changes that will have to take place.

Glimmers of Gratitude

An update from a couple of days after.
I was home today and a friend helped me pack up my art supplies, which were mercifully spared from any damage (both fire and water).
Also spared was my office with all of my technology.
Other parts of the home are quite wet and covered with insulation, and by the end of the day, more of the ceiling was collapsing, so unfortunately the scene is still evolving.
A friend took my completed, large scale canvas artwork to store in her garage.
We moved other things to rooms further away from the worst of the damage, and another friend is fostering all of my houseplants.

We are currently in the stage of waiting for the structure to be cleared to get in to pack and move the rest of my belongings. 
The outpouring of love and support brings tears of joy to me. After confirming that everyone is safe and no pets were in the space, the specific messages touch my heart. 

Offers to help me get re-established. Checking in to see if the coffee mugs made it through. Messages of “This really sucks.” and scripture verses are coming in. 
I can’t respond to each individual message, but I have read them all and know that whatever support you give me helps me get up and get going. Thank you!
There have been so many interwoven connections and miracles that I am keeping a list and will continue to write about them as part of the journey of healing and growth that will come throughout this coming year. 
With gratitude, 

How to Help

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As always, thank you and I appreciate you so much. ❣