The Summer Solstice is Coming!

120 Days of Creativity

I have created daily for over four months now. What started with my participation in the 100 Day Project this year was so simple and satisfying that I kept going. 

There might be some magic number in 100 because about three weeks ago, I started to feel my internal rebellion begin. Maybe it was my version of The Resistance that Steven Pressfield talks about. Whatever it was, it started showing up. 

I continued with my little tiles because there is a natural break in signatures about halfway through the album. (Signatures are groups of pages attached to the spine of a book.)

The structure made it pretty easy to continue. But I was not feeling the pop of joy that I had been.

Drinking in the Light. Relaxing into the Change.

This month is the summer solstice and I joke that I am “solar-powered”. I have ALWAYS felt better in bright sunshine and the summer heat. Soaking up that energy keeps me going throughout the year! 

So it makes sense that this is the time for me to make a shift in my creativity. I am keeping the daily practice of creating the tiles because that is working very well and I love how much I have grown through this daily process. 

I am accepting the change to a new pattern. I am releasing what was working and now has stopped so that I can bring something new into my work. 

New Patterns and a Mandala Recipe

Meet my new pattern of work. In honor of the Midsummer Mandala class, I am going to create some full color exploration in the first panel and then use it as the basis for the radial panel in the second one. 

I will unify the page of 6 tiles with either line or color, not sure yet. 

While I was creating the second, full radial design, I had an “a-ha” moment and realized that most people quit their designs after the “muck them up” thinking that they have done too much to them. 

What I think is really going on is that they do not have the background of creative instruction in elements and principles of design. To help out, I am making a Mandala Recipe that I will add to the class. 

Looking forward to creating with you!