Travel Essentials

Here are some gadgets and things that I use everyday and you might find helpful in your travels. I created a little Instagram walk through of some things that I take in my travel bag so you can see just how amazing this Travelon organizer bag is ♥

Travelon World Essentials Seat Pack Organizer is my favorite travel art supply bag. It will hold a 5 x 8 journal, the new SDG Doodle Basics kits, and everything you need to create on the go!

Phillips Battery Powered Toothbrush is my favorite travel toothbrush. I have a SoniCare at home and love it, but the case is kind of bulky to travel with. I got this one in the orange/melon color so it stands out when it is laying around on the counter. 

Anker PowerCore Fusion 10000 Power Bank – Get ready for a mind bender. This is my favorite travel power bank because it can power devices while it is recharging it’s battery. It saves me from having to take extra cables and extra bricks. Enough power for a couple of recharges. I also love it for powering my ring light and my light pad for lettering practice.


Created with the Doodle Basics Kit from Marker Supply.

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