Using a Uni Pin Black Fineliner with Watercolor

I love adding black to my doodles and illustrations and fineliners are one of my favorite tools. Many people love Micron pens; however, somehow I wear the tips down so quickly. Uni Pin

My last trip up to Dallas I visited the Kinokuniya bookstore and some UNI fineliners caught my eye. They are archival and waterproof and light fast. So I grabbed several of them in different sizes.

I am delighted with the results! They respond to a very light touch with great dark black ink. I’ve got a picture with the different sizes and examples of doodles and link work I created with them. 

I am always checking out fineliners is that I am so heavy-handed and wear down my Microns so fast. 

Uni Pin fineliners are now added into the rotation. The next test will be how long the ink lasts. 

Mindful Creativity

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